Got a great idea and don’t know how to get it started? Maybe you simply ran into an issue while bringing your idea to market. Let us help!

When you bring your idea to us, we’ll put together a packet that has solutions and references on how to achieve a solution in the best possible manner based on your requirements. Our goal will be to get you pointed and headed in the right direction with less road bumps than if you were to go it yourself.


Even if your not launching a new product but are simply trying to resolve an issue with your infrastructure, we can help there as well! 

Give us some background on your infrastructure and what you want to achieve and we’ll give you solutions that fit your environment and help reduce other issues in the future.

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessments are a critical part of ensuring IT systems stay secure.

Our team will run a variety of scans and tests on your infrastructure to ensure everything is compliant to the rules, regulations, and guidelines of your business.

In the report we provide you, you will be given a list of all threats we find, a priority level, and recommendations for resolving the issue.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing is a step beyond Vulnerability Assessments. While Vulnerability Assessments are normally announced, Penetration Testing is a little more stealthy, Not only will we test the infrastructure we also test the responses of employees and support staff.

Our team will run a Vulnerability Assessment and then try to actively exploit those vulnerabilities to better assess the criticality of those vulnerabilities combined with any mitigating factors in place.

The report we provide will include all vulnerabilities we were able to successfully exploit along with data and information that could have been ex-filtrated.

Red Team Assessment

What good are firewalls if someone can just walk in and steal your servers?

Red Team Assessments actively try to exploit both physical and digital security measures over a longer period of time.

With pre-defined targets, and limits this assessment will push your security infrastructure to the breaking point in a real world scenario to uncover the most critical vulnerabilities.